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Windsor, ON Wednesday August 14th, 2019 at 4:39 PM

Racist Jerk at Tims

I was visiting my friend in windsor and we went to the Tim Hortons right beside the ciociaro club. This is a location I went to all the time before I moved. My friend, me, my brother, and her 3 year old son we're sitting down having our coffee and donuts and her son became a little bit loud so we noticed there was a meeting behind us so we moved to another booth. Well a guy at the booth beside the one we moved to started cursing at my friends 3 year old son. So my friend was like is there a problem and he ignored her and started talking about how if we don't like this country we should leave. He started cursing and talking about us and our people. I have never felt so unsafe in Windsor. It's crazy. I am 3rd generation Canadian but because my friend who lived here all her life wears a hijab he felt the need to harass us. When he got up he's like Canadians have no rights anymore because of you people.

One thing I have to say is I hope you don't tell anyone that you are from Canada because you are honestly a disgrace and you will taint the name of Canadian.

Thank you to the manager who was super nice and apologized for his behaviour. It honestly left us shaken.

Also, to the guy that ran up to our car on our way out to apologize for the incident. Thank you! You demonstrated the true Canadian way.

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