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Windsor, ON Wednesday July 11th, 2018 at 12:07 AM

Good Samaritan / Guardian Angel

I went to my friends place and I was fine there, it was after that that all hell broke loose. I got lost going back home, ending up in Lasalle going towards Amherstburg I think, just not in the right direction to get back to Windsor. I pulled over and this nice gentleman and his fiance gave me directions but for some reason I did the total opposite to what he told me to do. He proceeded to follow me sensing that something was not right and I pulled over again and he said to me, follow me I will get you home. In the mean time my temperature was extremely high and I did not know that. I knew that I felt warm and I had had a headache for the last few days. As I was following him I proceeded to pass him instead of following him, why??? I don know. I believe that I was getting deeper and deeper into the extreme Heat Stroke stage. After I passed Adel he lost me momentarily on Walker Road where I pulled onto a side street once again and pulled over again, why?? I dont know. The gentleman found me and asked me if he could plse drive me home. At this point I said yes,
to please do so. As I was going around the van I fell. This GOOD SAMARITAN (ADEL from A1 AUTO GLASS) got me home safe and sound. He asked to talk to one of my kids as I seemed totally lost. Both my sons came downstairs. Tim, my youngest son, got me in the elevator and he said that I was falling over and had no balance. When he saw that I was lost and could not answer some of his questions, he called an Ambulance and they took me to the hospital. My temperature in the ambulance was 41.5 which is well over 104-105 I think. They tried everything to try and get it to come down and it did not want to come down and my headache was getting worse. They did a number of blood tests, ECG, EKG, and they did a Brain Scan as they were worried some damage might have been done but those results all cam back NEGATIVE meaning that all was good with the brain scan....good results....this made me so happy. Thus, after all of
these tests, they came to the conclusion that I was suffering from EXTREME HEAT STROKE.
We are thinking that this all started on Saturday night when we went to the races and I did not have a hat on all evening, then on Sunday I went out again to the Legion to the Canada Day Dance and no doubt over exerted myself, however, I did not stay long tho as I was not feeling all that great and my head was killing me. So the Dr. gave me a bag of
intravenous and when it came to the second one I asked if I could go home. I am still feeling week and drained but it will take a couple days to get back to normal. Sorry this is so long but I wanted to fill all my amazing friends and family of what just happened to me.
I had an angel on my should because I could have had a major accident and killed myself or someone else. Had it not been for my Good Samaritan Adel and the angel on my shoulder I might not be here right now sending this to all of you. I also want to thank everyone for all the prayers and good thoughts. Again, I am sorry for it being so lengthy. I love ALL of you very much. Needless to say, this was a very scary event, today I am feeling tired and
drained, but that is ok. I AM OK

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