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Windsor, ON Thursday July 11th, 2019 at 3:08 PM

Unwarranted parenting advise

Here's to you millennial 20 something year old male in the walmart shouting parenting advise across isles, without you I'm sure we would be truly lost. In case your mother didn't teach you what sarcasm is on top of manners and minding your own business let me assure you that was sarcasm. So to speak for mothers everywhere both stay at home like myself and other, if you do not have kids you do not get an opinion. You have zero idea what a day is like with children let alone a string of them on end without a break. You worry about me embarrassing them as they make a spectacle of themselves because I dare to inform them of the consequences of their actions. Actions have consequences the world doesn't owe You a living. So please take your advise and lack of insight elsewhere.

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