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Windsor, ON Sunday February 18th, 2018 at 1:41 AM

22 year old car stolen 2 times in a month from Handicapped Senior

Spotted asked if this is a "good spotting" or a "bad spotting". Well I guess it is both!
I want to thank a wonderful person for organizing a much needed fund raiser for my mother! The response has been overwhelming and definately shows that there are so many caring people out there! It's just so unfortunate that a fundraiser is needed though...
My mom's 22 year old car was stolen in December from a geared to income senior building handicapped parking spot! The repairs were just under $500 so instead of opting for a rental car and going with insurance she paid the $470 to fix it. She got it back 2 weeks later. Well a month & 2 days after it was stolen, it got stolen again! This time repairs were more so she went through insurance who ended up writing the vehicle off. The value was a whopping $904 less her $500 deductible so they paid her $404! She just paid $470 weeks earlier so it ended up costing her $ and she is without a vehicle! Her vehicle is her independence. It is her form of freedom! These theives have caused so much stress and heartbreak for my 78 year old mother.
Thankfully a fundraiser is set in place to try to help her purchase a new vehicle. She isn't looking for much. Just something that can get her from point a to point b. She was used to her 22 year old Dodge neon.
There is the email for the fundraiser in the windsor star ad I've attached the link to in case anyone wants to help out. They are taking donations Til the end of February.
Thanks to all the kind hearts who care and have sent well wishes and donations. To the thieves who stole her old car 2 times in a month... I hope you have seen this and feel shame!!!


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