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Windsor, ON Monday September 25th, 2017 at 10:58 PM

I think somethings need to change

If you have a sick or injured pet and you cannot afford the ridiculously high Veterinarian bill to help them, you can surrender the pet over to the Human Society to be cared for. In return, they will help the animal and then put it up for adoption, but you - the original owner - can not adopt the pet back.

Essentially, the Human Society will do the work pro bono and then put the animal up for adoption to a new family for the low cost of anywhere between $150 to $250.

I don't understand why they don't instead help low income families to keep their beloved pets. Why not, for example, give the family the discounted price of $150 to $250? Why force them to deal with such an ultimatum?

Don't get me wrong, our Human Society does a lot of good, and I realize they can't do everything for free. However, there needs to be better options available for low income families than to simply surrender over their pets.

I feel it's unfair that well-loved animals can't stay with the people that have loved and cared for them for years simply because these people are too poor.

And what about the poor animal? It goes through a traumatic experience, and then is taken away from the family he/ she knows and loves and is given to a group of strangers instead.

It breaks my heart to know families are torn apart all because of the rising cost of bill given by a Veterinarian.

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